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Leveraging generative AI for content automation

Among the myriad applications of generative AI (gen AI) in business, automated content creation technologies are emerging as key players in content strategy and marketing. AI is fast becoming indispensable for marketers looking to create high-quality, original, and targeted content at scale.

Powered by deep neural networks, NLP, and intelligent ML algorithms, gen AI tools can generate wide-ranging content, including social media posts, blog posts, emails, images, and advertising copy, tailoring the substance to fit the user’s prompt.

Let us have a look at how gen AI automation technologies are transforming the content creation landscape.

Leveraging gen AI for content creation

Content automation tools can simplify every step of the creative process, from ideation to content optimisation. Here is how content creation AI helps businesses, creatives, and marketers drive productivity and engagement:

  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • Ideation is the first step to content creation. However, the most gifted of creatives and content authors struggle with consistently generating fresh, attention-grabbing ideas.

    Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Pesardo can help initiate brainstorming sessions, offer fresh perspectives on mundane topics, and come up with novel ideas based on audience engagement data and user specifications.   

  • Creating content outlines and first drafts
  • AI-driven writing tools can generate outlines for articles with potential titles, sections, sub-sections, and takeaways. The availability of a structure streamlines the writing process and enables authors to maintain a logical flow in the output.

    AI can also generate the first drafts of blog posts or web content based on user parameters, which can serve as a springboard for the finished piece.

  • Providing writing assistance
  • Content creation AI is invaluable in automating processes such as editing, rephrasing, and formatting. It can enhance existing content by suggesting improvements in language and substance, rewording articles, optimising posts with keywords, improving email subject lines, and tweaking ad copy.

    By automating these processes, creatives can spend more time on idea generation and strategy while ensuring that their content ranks high on search engines.

  • Generating multichannel content
  • While businesses benefit significantly from a multichannel marketing strategy, it is tedious for creative teams to continually generate channel-specific content with a consistent tone and style.

    Using gen AI for marketing content enables simultaneous content creation across diverse channels while maintaining consistency in the brand voice. This enables businesses to maximise their reach and ensure utmost audience engagement across physical and digital platforms.

  • Generating audio-visual content
  • Popular imaging applications such as DALL-E2 and Midjourney can generate a range of visuals, including charts, diagrams, graphics, videos, and lifelike images of real-world elements.

    Brands can utilise these to enhance their landing pages, brochures, media posts, and presentations. With AI-generated visuals, they can tell more compelling stories and drive higher engagement.

  • Enabling personalisation
  • Gen AI applications analyse consumer behaviour, user preferences, historical data, and market trends to target audiences with hyper-specific content. With inputs from AI in content creation, businesses can curate personalised campaigns for a wide demographic and establish deeper connections with customers.

    AI translation tools also allow for language localisation, enabling brands to connect with audiences from different geographical regions.

    Advanced AI capabilities such as automatic captioning, automated audio descriptions of images, and text-to-speech technologies help to make the content accessible to audiences with special needs.

  • Driving efficiency
  • Besides reducing the effort required for consistent creative output, AI content creation tools drive efficiency and productivity by automating topic research, enabling keyword search and clustering, scheduling emails and social media posts, and integrating approval workflows.  

Best practices for content automation

While content creation automation boosts efficiency and productivity, it yields optimal results only when you have a well-defined content strategy. Below are some best practices for successfully automating content creation with gen AI:

  • Define your objectives
  • AI tools differ according to the end goals. Whether your goal is to improve brand visibility, increase audience engagement, or create more accessible content, defining your objectives will help you choose the right AI content creation tools and leverage their full potential.

  • Treat AI as a facilitator
  • Use AI in collaboration with, and not as a replacement for human creativity. AI content creation technologies analyse data and churn out content most likely to appeal to the target market.

    However, you know your goals, brand image, and target audiences better. The best approach is to use automated content as a catalyst or springboard for the final output and balance it with human discretion and creativity.

  • Know the limitations of AI
  • AI content creation tools have two major drawbacks:

    • They base their output on content that already exists in the public domain, which means an AI-generated article or post may completely lack originality. Human inputs are crucial in making the content sound original, insightful, and nuanced.
    • AI can hallucinate. In other words, it may present biased or misleading information to the user as a fact. If you outsource your research to AI, it is essential to validate the results at source. In some cases, it may be a good idea to add a disclaimer for AI-generated content.

  • Monitor performance
  • Continuously monitor the performance of your AI-generated content through tools and techniques such as A/B testing, engagement metrics, user feedback, and sentiment analysis. This will help you realistically gauge the success of your AI strategy.

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