What is "Reunite" ?

Late night deliverables. Huddling over a client call. Cafeteria talks. Long walks on campus. Tweaking presentations. Project get-togethers. Your manager's pat on the back. Client appreciations. Reaching your cab just in time. Telling everyone in your team about it the next day…

There are so many memories that you have of Infosys BPM. You will always be part of our successful past and our family. Reconnect and reunite with us here.

Because exiting doesn't mean leaving.

This section will enable you to do the following things:

  • Get invited to Infosys alumni events; Stay updated with news just for you!
  • Keep up with the latest happenings on campus
  • Armed with experience or a new degree? Then, reunite with Infosys – search for a job and reapply! Please mention your old employee ID in your email / cover letter

Gratuity | Provident Fund | Relieving Letters | Final Settlement


General information on Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

Eligibility for gratuity

IMPORTANT: Infosys BPM will pay you the gratuity amount within 30 days from your last working day. This amount will be credited into your current salary account you have opened with Infosys. Therefore please make sure that you do not close your current salary account until the gratuity amount has been credited.

Provident Fund (PF)

General information on PF

PF contributions

PF transfer and withdrawal of contributions

Infosys BPM PF-specific questions

PF – Miscellaneous questions

Detailed procedure for withdrawal of PF

Relieving Letters

For Bangalore location, Exit Help Desk has been set up to issue the relieving letter. Ex-employees can collect the relieving letter from Exit Help Desk in Electronic City office, Building 28, 1st floor, between 3 PM and 6 PM on working days. Relieving letter is issued to Bangalore-based employees two days after the last working day, provided all clearances are closed.

For employees in locations other than Bangalore, the relieving letter will be sent by courier to the employee’s communication address updated on the E-Separation tool. The ex-employees from other locations can expect their relieving letter within 15 days from their last working day, provided all clearances are closed.

For any specific query related to the relieving letter, the contact email ID is and the contact number is 080-41878223 (3 PM – 6 PM only)

Final Settlement


For any finance related queries, please write to or contact 080-40671425 or 020-40233555 (between 10 AM – 5 PM only).

For any suggestions or feedback, please write to