Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity Employer Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Opportunity Employer

At Infosys BPM, we believe in providing equal opportunities of employment for all. We constantly strive to onboard the best talent in the country and ensure that our selection process is unbiased. We believe that every individual brings a unique set of skills and it is a combination of these skills which will enable the organization to deliver the best results.

Given today’s increasing globalization it is important for every organization to have employees who are mobile, adaptable and sensitive to other cultures. At Infosys BPM, Cultural diversity is a tenet to foster greater inclusivity which will enhance efficiency and effectiveness. As a global outsourcing service provider, our clients and their customers are spread across the world. The presence of so many different nationalities and cultures makes employees more globally aware.

Gender diversity is a focus area and women account to 40% of the workforce in Infosys BPM. The emphasis is to provide an enriching and enabling career for women. Infosys Women’s Inclusivity Network is the gender network created to set up support systems and policies to help in the development of a gender inclusive environment. There is a concerted effort to provide a safe and secure working environment for women, which includes a stringent Anti Sexual Harassment policy initiative, cabs fitted with GPS systems, security guards when a lady employee is the last drop, self- defense sessions for women. Other initiatives includes, Coaching & Mentoring, Parenting workshops, Bring Your Child to Work, Financial Awareness etc.

Employees with disabilities are an integral part of Infosys BPM. The organization has created a platform where in people with disabilities are successfully hired and nurtured to their full potential . An enabling and inclusive environment provides the right platform for them to achieve their career aspirations. Significant investments have been made to ensure physical accessibility in our various buildings and campuses. Employees with disabilities are offered reasonable accommodation and this includes wheelchairs, special lenses, JAWS software etc. Training and development opportunities are also customized to suit their requirements. Sensitization programs are conducted across levels in the organization to build an environment of inclusivity that enables employees with disabilities to perform to the best of their abilities.

There is a continuous effort to ensure that minority groups within the organization are encouraged to perform to their full potential by providing support and encouragement and a workplace free of discrimination .