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Infosys BPM offerings for asset management

Manage global growth with robust global operations

Today, a key priority for asset management firms is to effectively manage growth. Across global markets, professionally managed assets have grown because of growth in both retail and institutional growth in asset under management. Infosys BPM is helping asset managers keep pace with this global growth by providing industry-focused services and solutions. These are underscored by our commitment to streamline operations, drive down costs and manage risk effectively.

Challenges and opportunities

  • A changing regulatory landscape: Infosys BPM can help you address reporting and compliance needs for regulations such as Dodd–Frank and cost-basis reporting in the US, as well as MiFID and AFIM in Europe.
  • Cost pressures: With a reduction of traditional fee-based income, asset managers need to increase focus on non-core operations. We can help achieve you achieve this focus by taking charge of your non-core and middle office functions.
  • Increasing number of global clients: We provide greater scale for your back and middle office, with delivery centers across geographies and operating models that are tailored to your requirements.

Our offerings

Infosys BPM has been working closely with asset managers for a decade. We have significant experience in servicing firms in the asset management space, with our client portfolio consisting of global custodians, transfer agents, and private equity majors. Our presence spans the asset management value chain – including trade management, corporate actions, fund accounting, fund administration, and transfer agency.

Infosys BPM offerings for asset management

The Infosys BPM advantage

In addition to advantages of global delivery, a high degree of scalability, and operational excellence in process management, our differentiators as a service provider to asset management firms include:

  • Operating models that are the ‘right fit’ for asset managers: These include lift and shift, utility models with gain share, and assisted captive models.
  • Technology solutions for reconciliations and workflow management: Infosys has proprietary tools such as OEMS, which is a workflow management tool for asset management functions. Many of our clients – including investment banks and retail banking majors – have benefited from Infosys FinRecon, which is a cost-effective reconciliation platform to automate workflow while reducing the associated effort and risk.

    Read about the features and benefits of Infosys FinRecon

  • Domain expertise across asset management functions: Having worked closely with asset managers since our inception, we understand the operational dynamics and complexities of your processes and the markets you operate in. To ensure this understanding cascades through our talent pool, we invest in training our resources across domain competency levels, as well as latest technology and process requirements based on industry trends.

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