Supply Chain Digital Solutions – Overview

End to end approach to leveraging technologies and data to help you deliver a more customer centric supply chain creating more value, in less time

As we advance into a new age of disruptive digital technologies and growing customer expectations (e.g. service expectations, order granulation, product individualisation), the rules and ways-of-working that we have been so accustomed to are being quickly re-written, this drastically calls for a different corporate culture – one that is obsessed with improving customer experience and encouraging a more open, collaborative approach to innovation.

The seamless connectivity between data and objects through the Internet of Things has reached the mainstream consumer (i.e., the smart home). Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are helping to streamline organisational processes and analyse data on unimagined levels. Industry 4.0 is redefining discrete manufacturing as a new, intelligent and sustainable way of production. In addition, new models of interaction and collaboration between resources and assets are being created (i.e., “Uberisation”).

As a result, we are witnessing a seismic shift in global supply chains. One of the key challenges executives face head-on is how to harness disruptive digital technologies and convert them into business opportunities – and ultimately drive competitive advantage. Companies that succeed in mastering these challenges can break away from the competition by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and optimising working capital.

How Infosys Portland can help move you towards the digital Supply Chain?

Capturing the value from digital technologies is a journey that can be started right away. Where it starts depends on the digital maturity of your current supply chain and focus on business imperatives. We support organisations on their digital journeys by:

  • Technology Transformation (Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transport Management Systems (TMS), Advanced Planning Systems (APS))
    • Business case development, specification, technology sourcing, implementation and ongoing support
  • Master Data Management
    • Strategy development, cleansing, and data managed services
  • Supply Chain Digital Transformation
    • Shape the vision and strategy, through ideation and priotisation of use cases, prototyping and develop a case for change to enable transformation
    • Redesign business operating model and processes
    • Automate non-value add business processes
    • Warehouse automation
    • Design and build ‘Control Tower’ solutions
    • Provide Data discovery and analytics services to generate insights
    • Enable end to end supply chain trace & trace capability (i.e. Blockchain)
    • Our supply chain experts possess deep, hands-on experience that will help you achieve your goals and make a positive impact to your customers, suppliers and employees.

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