Getting the right balance between customer service and working capital is oftentimes a struggle. Our supply chain specialist team supported by our leading-edge, cloud-based forecasting, replenishment and optimization tool will help your business grow its sales, improve stock turns and minimize stock write offs.

Our outsourced services for supply chain operations are further categorized into:

Demand Forecasting
  • Multiple algorithms deployed to deliver the best baseline forecast
  • S&OP processes deployed to capture market intelligence and agree a single forecast number for your business
  • Setting of Min / Max levels at retail or wholesale level
  • Time phased replenishment
  • Distribution resource Planning
Inventory Optimization
  • Dynamic safety stock calculation
  • “What If” scenario analysis
  • Surplus stock management
Visibility and Reporting
  • Full inventory visibility
  • Regular executive and exception reporting
  • Potential Out of Stocks, surplus stock, forecast accuracy

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