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Optimising supply chain for customer satisfaction

Did you know that optimised supply chains incur 15% lower supply chain costs? Improving supply chain performance can be the ultimate focal point to boost customer satisfaction and eventually increase profitability. However, customers' expectations are ever changing, and the responsibility falls on companies to meet those demands. Most business heads are in the race to find new ways to maintain customers' trust and loyalty consistent. Supply chain optimisation can be one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction. Let's dive deeper and understand the relationship between the customers and the supply chain as well as how it affects business profitability.

How does the supply chain affect the end customer?

Failing to meet the delivery promises or lack of communication can weaken the relationship with your customers. Poor customer service can lead your sales to flow to your competitors. Losing a few customers may not greatly impact your retail business, but it will affect companies in the supply chain/B2B ecosystem. The consequent bad reputation can also affect the already small pool of potential customers. In the digital era, one customer has the potential to reach hundreds and thousands with social media. That is why supply chain should be customer centric across all nodes.

Customers now have many options, and if you want your business to thrive in this competitive market, you need to step up and provide exceptional services. Companies are always looking for ways to become more customer centric. Let's look at innovative and powerful ways to improve customer interaction of your company.

  1. Offer a simple website
  2. Customers get easily frustrated when the website does not respond correctly. Providing them with a simple website design to navigate your products and services with ease can increase the customers' chances of purchasing your products.

  3. Manage supply chain delivery effectively
  4. The patience to wait for the product to be delivered has worn thin because customers now expect same-day or next-day delivery. Technology offers opportunities for vendors to provide quick delivery for improving customer satisfaction in supply chain management. The supply chain management (SCM) system provides an insight into delivery schedules and locations. This way, supply chain heads can manage inventory based on locations with more demand for the product.  

  5. Keep a check on your inventory
  6. It is a terrible experience to find out that the product you want to order is out of stock and it will take another 10 days for it to be available. Supply chain managers can troubleshoot this challenge by implementing an SCM system to ensure proper inventory flow; this way, the high-demand items never go out of stock.

  7. Quality service
  8. Delivering quality service to customers is the highest priority for any customer-centric company because it offers long-term benefits. No matter what customers you have, retail or direct, you need to maintain consistent quality. You can provide exceptional services by optimising your entire supply chain to work efficiently and be responsive.

  9. Visibility through technology
  10. Supply chain managers can implement warehouse management systems (WMS) or SCM solutions to provide total visibility over business processes and track inventory efficiently. Managers can quickly implement customer-focused strategies by having a detailed bird's-eye view of every process - from manufacturing to delivery. Professional heads can make informed decisions and understand customers' pain points with emerging technologies.*

Relationship between customer management and supply chain management

Customer management and SCM can work hand in hand. SCM is used to streamline business processes, whereas customer management can have similar effects in the context of business relationships. Intertwining these processes can help achieve responsive product supply from both the end users and the supply chain network. Big retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and McDonald's use customer data to understand customer preferences, track buying patterns, and identify products with high demand. Integrating customer management and the supply chain management can improve customer relationships.

How can Infosys BPM help?

Infosys BPM offers supply chain optimisation services to build a collaborative supply chain ecosystem to facilitate customer growth and provide real value to improve customer satisfaction in supply chain management. Strong supply chain consulting services can further boost your business outcomes in building successful supply chain management operations and customer satisfaction.

Connect with us, and we will provide you with winning SCM BPM strategies to scale your business to the next level.

*For organisations on the digital transformation journey, agility is key in responding to a rapidly changing technology and business landscape. Now more than ever, it is crucial to deliver and exceed organisational expectations with a robust digital mindset backed by innovation. Enabling businesses to sense, learn, respond, and evolve like a living organism, will be imperative for business excellence going forward. A comprehensive yet modular suite of services is doing exactly that. Equipping organisations with intuitive decision-making automatically at scale, actionable insights based on real-time solutions, anytime/anywhere experience, and in-depth data visibility across functions leading to hyper-productivity, Live Enterprise is building connected organisations that are innovating collaboratively for the future.

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