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Disparate operational teams running your various social presence and engagement initiatives are just a quick fix for immediate risks and opportunities. What you need is a team that integrates processes, technologies, and expertise to create a global social media operations center.

Infosys BPM’s offerings help your enterprise embrace the new social reality enabling you to maximize content monetization opportunities through a holistic social media operations strategy and comprehensive digital technology platforms. So you are empowered to interest, excite, convert, and retain today’s digitally savvy, socially active customers.



Presence management

  • Supporting your social presence
  • Ensuring consistency and positioning of the right persona of the brand across channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Focusing on the freshness of content and relevance to maintain stickiness with your target audiences

Community management

  • Supporting your ability to create communities with membership enrollment drive
  • Managing and curating conversations
  • Creating content based on customer needs, fostering new ideas, brainstorming new products or service models, etc.


  • Ensuring that your defined policies of usages are adhered to
  • Controlling spam and inappropriate content across internal communities or on controllable social properties, ensuring conversations / discussions are focused with a view to generate value for all participants

Response management

  • Social listening and classification of chatter to identify opportunities to engage
  • Supporting consumer engagement around topics being discussed on your branded community as well as public social communities
  • We provide support for three modes of response: triaging to relevant teams to respond, owning the response, coordinating and posting on behalf of identified stakeholder groups

Advocacy management

  • Identifying key influencers with relevance to the social activity of consumers
  • Engagement and influencing the influencers / leveraging their reach
  • Also includes typical blogger outreach programs to create market awareness and buzz

Social analytics

  • Sending key alerts on topics
  • Analyzing certain trends / events
  • Creating a review of a certain period of some fundamental metrics
  • As an advanced offering for social analytics, we provide basic services along with domain expertise to create insights and share actionable campaign recommendations

Production Support

  • Supports publishing of Web content with checks and balances as defined by your content management policy
  • Content creation / clean-up services are also available as part of a premium offering

Search Engine Optimization

  • Identifies keywords, build content and relevance
  • Enable improved search engine discovery and ranking

End-to-end managed services

  • Infosys Edge platforms (SocialEdge to sense, BrandEdge to influence and CommerceEdge to fulfill)
  • Operational capabilities – presence management, community management, moderation, response management, advocacy and social analytics

Operational services

  • You may choose / setup alternative tools and technology solutions to meet your social media requirements –Infosys BPM puts in place process and people capability to deliver the operational capabilities to power your own command center
  • This Command Center can run both forms of the market offering including online reputation management and grievance desk, besides supporting other stakeholders in your organization


  • This Command Center can become your nerve center for all marketing and PR activities
  • We can aggregate, collate, analyze and report the entire marketing effort and impact of the various campaigns to deliver actionable insights

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