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Today’s digital world is defined by limitless choice, flexibility, and rising speed. In this ‘blink and miss’ new media economy, the quality, convenience and pricing of the experience are key determinants of the consumer’s level of engagement.

This 'engagement' can be converted into revenue opportunities — provided the consumer base and the advertising options are explored and monetized well. Infosys BPM can help you do just that — with customized offerings that are geared towards re-energizing your consumer engagement across channels, while unlocking new monetization opportunities within your diverse consumer groups.

Segments we serve

Internet portals, search engine providers, mobile, IPTV, e-commerce (retail), gaming.



  • Brand monitoring and analysis
  • User and sentiment analysis and recommendations
  • Content relevance analysis and monetization
  • Content management, localization, moderation, repurposing and archival
  • Digital asset and rights management
  • Long tail management
  • Analytics, reporting and interventions
  • Digital advertising operations covering the entire value chain: Account and campaign setup, inventory management, fulfillment, campaign optimization, billing, and customer service

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