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In recent times, the supply chain domain has received significant coverage in mainstream news and social media more than ever because of the pandemic, geopolitical dynamics, and other disruptions. Recent studies indicate that only 13% of supply chains delivered successfully when organisations and people needed them the most during 2020.

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More than 70% of supply chains missed some or all their targets in terms of sales, costs, inventory, customer satisfaction, and customer service. These studies also suggest that supply chain planning tops the list of priorities for supply chain leaders in the post COVID-19 scenario. To build an agile and flexible supply chain of the future, supply chain leaders are focusing on innovation, talent, and digitalisation.

Infosys BPM Digital Supply Chain Services partners with organisations in their transformation journey to streamline and digitalise the supply chains as well as build a supply chain that can mitigate risks and still be cost competitive. Our portfolio provides end-to-end solutions across consulting, technology intervention, and managed services to run Supply Chain Planning as a Service.


Why us?

With a dedicated Digital Supply Chain practice, Infosys BPM has significant experience across delivering consulting, digital, and operational solutions and services to accelerate clients’ journey in transforming their supply chain planning and execution.


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Our offerings

Infosys BPM Supply Chain Planning as a Service is an integrated planning approach-based solution that combines the power of humanware and digitalisation to build a futuristic supply chain with effective and agile supply chain planning.

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In today’s highly volatile world, companies find themselves facing supply chain disruptions, which impact delivery performance. To stay ahead of the curve, companies should continuously and proactively assess the health of their supply chain to identify the risks and potential improvement opportunities for transformation.

Infosys BPM Supply Chain Diagnostics offers a starting point for companies to transform their supply chain operations by evaluating its health using a four-stage framework — Appraise, Evaluate, Mitigate, and Transform — which helps companies to meet their strategic objectives. The evaluation of process maturity across people, process, technology, and data dimensions is performed through our patented toolkits and frameworks.

The Supply Chain Diagnostics solution delivers several benefits such as:

  • Indicates the current health of the supply chain
  • Measures and improves right sets of supply chain metrics
  • Extracts the bottoms-up risk and provides visibility
  • Identifies the list of opportunities to improve the 3Es of supply chain

Revenue maximization with optimized cost of operations are key priorities for supply chain leaders. Creating shared services to manage the supply chain functions centrally will not only reduce the cost of operations but also improve process effectiveness through process harmonization by leveraging best practices and faster adoption to demand fluctuations.

Infosys BPM SC Shared Services Advisory is based on industry-recognized risk fit assessment to design a new operating model by setting up an integrated supply chain hub with the right mix of resources placement. The new operating model will help consolidate processes to offshore, nearshore, and retained operations in a balanced way based on the risk appetite and cost optimization targets.

The SC Shared Services Advisory solution delivers several benefits such as:

  • Identifies the right set of supply chain processes for offshoring/outsourcing
  • Initiates the phased outsourcing approach, which helps in mitigating risks
  • Reduces supply chain operations costs
  • Improves supply chain KPIs
  • Harmonizes people and processes to reduce redundancies
  • Adopts faster to any technological changes

Supply chain leaders are increasingly facing unprecedented challenges from the complexity of today’s supply chains and the volatility surrounding the global business environment. Difficulties in managing supply chains in the current uncertain circumstances continue to have a massive impact on companies’ financial stability. They are continuously looking for levers to control costs and improve customer service by having end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Infosys BPM SC Control Tower solution leverages Infosys Live Enterprise platform, which integrates vast amount of data from multiple sources and provides near-real-time visibility dashboards along with predictive and prescriptive insights, alerts, and early warning indicators to enable companies to take informed and optimal decisions.

The SC Control Tower solution delivers several benefits such as:

  • Improved supply chain visibility
  • Faster and quality decision-making
  • Elimination of Excel sheets and localized reporting effort
  • Centralized control and action — reduction in supply chain cost by ~2–5%
  • Improved collaboration across supply chain partners
  • Mitigates risks

With changing customer behaviour, shorten product lifecycle, longer supplier lead time, and high volatile demand, forecasting demand with high levels of accuracy using traditional models have become a daunting task.

Infosys BPM Forecasting as a Service combines humanware and AI-/ML-based advanced statistical models to maximize the benefits from existing forecasting process of products and services. Our algorithms can be deployed as point solutions on top of existing technology infrastructure.

The Forecasting as a Service solution delivers several benefits such as:

  • Improves forecast accuracy by ~15–20%
  • Reduction in stock-outs
  • Improved inventory turns
  • A rich library of AI-/ML-based pre-built plug-and-play forecasting model to choose from
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing forecasting tools

Increased demand volatility, high level of customer expectations, rise in obsolete inventory due to shrinking product life cycle, increasing supplier lead time, long-tail SKU portfolio, and increasing geopolitical issues make inventory management and optimization a challenging task for companies while maintain high service levels.

Infosys BPM offers a comprehensive Inventory Optimization solution to jointly define the right inventory strategy, dynamic inventory master data management, inventory replenishment management, physical inventory handling, and structured disposal mechanism for excess and obsolete inventory that can help companies/planners to manage their cashflow effectively.

The Inventory Optimization solution delivers several benefits such as:

  • Improvement in inventory turns by 10–15%
  • Improvement in working capital
  • Enhanced service levels
  • Reduction of aged inventory
  • Faster and efficient inventory replenishment

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