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The carbon emissions from global logistics and distribution operations can significantly impact the environment. For the globe to limit increase in average temperature to within 2°C by the end of the century, it is critical for the transport sector to be decarbonised. Infosys BPM has leveraged the power of analytics to develop an efficient logistics solution to help reduce an enterprise’s carbon footprint across the value chain — starting from raw materials to energy consumption and process-related direct emissions — all the way till transportation and distribution.

Carbon Footprint Analytics

The Carbon Footprint Analytics solution provides a complete overview of the carbon emissions and costs across the enterprise. It allows the enterprise to drill into and compare different regions with regards to their CO2 emissions in each step of the value chain.


Why us?

Infosys BPM has significant experience in process mapping, domain knowledge, data analytics, and cutting-edge business intelligence that help enterprises in:

  • Baseline data: Identification, understanding, and measurement of carbon emisson from multiple data sources.
  • Insights: Analytics-based insights to take corrective actions, provide root causes of high emissions, and study influencing factors.
  • Operational efficiency: Recommendation to improve operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


carbon footprint analytics services

Sustainability advisory services


Our offerings

We deliver end-to-end solutions around carbon footprint analytics, covering secondary research, data & governance, KPI design, reporting strategy, and operational support. We customise services to fit our clients’ business needs, defining KPIs for performance tracking and measurement, as well as helping set targets based on KPIs for overall improvement. We offer sustainability advisory services that cover:

Process mapping and data source identification
Data enrichment
Visibility and insights
Predictive analytics

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