Sreekant Natarajan
Associate Vice President

How COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital tech in retail & CPG

Retail and CPG was an industry that was hit hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic. But the recovery in the industry and the innovative digital transformation initiatives have helped companies globally. In this podcast, our AVP Sreekant Natarajan talks about the pandemic’s effect on the industry and the digital transformation initiatives that empowered recovery.

Srimathi K Swamy
AVP & Head of Technology Services

Scaling New Heights Through Empowering IT Leadership & Diversity

In this podcast, one of our eminent women leaders Srimathi K Swamy discusses how the corporate leadership is influenced by diversity and perseverance, as well as her own experience of over 25 years with Infosys.

Abhinav Agnihotri
Head – Singapore Operations, Infosys BPM

Opportunities in Singapore, a Strategic Regional Hub for Multinationals

Singapore, the Lion City, is one of the freest economies in the world. It presents many opportunities to global corporations. Our leader and head of our Singapore operations, Abhinav Agnihotri, speaks about the opportunities presented by the city state.

Ravishankar P
AVP and business head of BPM Analytics

Digital Transformation @ Infosys BPM

Infosys BPM continues to be a global leader in digital transformation initiatives. In this podcast, our AVP and business head of BPM Analytics, Ravishankar, sheds some light on why Infosys BPM continues to lead in this space.

Sourav Ghosh
Industry Principal
Digital Financial Services

Banking in 2021 and Beyond

How will digital transformation accelerate the banking sector? If you have been hearing about “banking as a service” and the slow decline of branch-bound banking, then please tune in. This podcast has our digital finance services expert talking about banking in 2021 and beyond.

Gopal Kulkarni
Associate Vice President
Head – Technology Solutions and Automation

Predictive Support & Maintenance at Scale

It’s known that over 50% of RPA projects fail to meet their objectives due to lack of well-planned support and maintenance. Lack of support and maintenance pull bots out of production constantly. With the health of digital bots in mind, Infosys BPM developed its in-house monitoring tool called EAGLE. In this podcast, our Head of Technology Solutions Group Gopal D Kulkarni discusses the importance of predictive support and maintenance at scale and the EAGLE monitoring tool.

Gopal Kulkarni
Associate Vice President
Head – Technology Solutions and Automation

An Insightful Talk on Digital Tech with Gopal Kulkarni

Digital transformation has been improving our lives for some time. Technologies like tactical automation and RPA are expected to bring value to business areas where ERP/CRM upgrades may take longer or AI can be very expensive. Do you have an understanding of how RPA and digital transformation can drive organizations towards better customer experience and improved efficiency? In this podcast, Infosys BPM’s head of key solutions, Gopal Kulkarni, gives insightful thoughts around RPA and other digital technologies.

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