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Commodity Councils: The Building Blocks of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing requires a multi-disciplinary team of domain experts collaborating within a structured organization. Sourcing can realize its potential when companies establish commodity councils of cross-functional teams comprising finance, contracting, engineering, and other domains to support acquisition activities.

In an article published at Sourcinginterests.org, Infosys’ experts discuss how commodity councils can enhance sourcing strategies, sustain relationships with suppliers and reduce costs.

Our experts articulate the business value of commodity councils by focusing on their composition, delineating primary roles and responsibilities, and proposing different types of commodity council structures based on specific business requirements.

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Published with permission of Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)


Ravi Panchanadan

Ravi Panchanadan, Strategic Business Practice Head - Sourcing & Procurement, Infosys

Ravi has more than 23 years of experience in supply chain management and logistics at Unilever and Intel. He was instrumental in establishing the International Procurement Office at Intel. In 2008, he joined Infosys BPM as the global head of the Sourcing & Procurement practice. He can be reached at

Kunal Kant

Kunal Kant, Practice Lead - Sourcing & Procurement, Infosys

Kunal has over 17 years of experience in industrial engineering and supply chain management. His white papers on sourcing and quality have been published in reputed industry journals and websites. Kunal is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a TPM Instructor. He can be reached at

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