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A guide to educational software and technology

The pandemic has accelerated the pace at which technology is making inroads into the education sector. Education technology (or edutech) is becoming popular among schools and higher educational institutes to improve the quality of education. The edutech industry was valued at $90 billion in 2020 and will rise at the rate of 20% till 2028. Experts predict a boom in edutech tools that use artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). Game-based learning is seeing a rapid uptake alongside project-based learning in schools.

What is edutech?

Edutech introduces IT tools into the education system to make learning engaging, inclusive, and personalised.* Every student learns at a different pace, and edutech helps teachers create individualised lesson plans and learning experiences to boost every student’s learning capabilities. As we transition into the post COVID-19 world, technology will integrate into our workplace, society, and daily life. Edutech will facilitate better learning outcomes for students of all grades and teachers who teach remotely or even in person.

The benefits of education technology

Because of the pandemic, many students have not been to a physical classroom for some time and have used one or more forms of edutech. Here are some of the benefits of edutech for the students and teachers.

  • Keeping hybrid classrooms connected
  • Remote learning was the only way to keep the classroom functioning during the pandemic. Virtual lectures or classes using video and audio communication are a great way to keep the students engaged. With the help of edutech, education can reach larger segments of population irrespective of their locations. All they need is a computer and a functional internet connection.

  • Increasing work efficiency
  • Edutech delivers a variety of courses online as well as digital libraries that deliver flexibility in remote learning. Students can access their assignments virtually and submit them online. They can even work on it at their own pace. Students can easily move back and forth in an assignment and prioritise which parts to learn first.

  • Staying organised
  • Teachers can create digital libraries of assignments and teaching material, including videos, slides, and any other documents. They can easily access the documents and no longer need to depend on piles of papers. The teachers can provide students and parents access to specific assignments and learning material. When teachers manage multiple remote and hybrid classes, edutech software helps them in preparation and organisation of course material for every class.

  • Managing synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Synchronous learning helps students and teachers stay online at the same time. The class has a designated start time and mimics a physical classroom. Students can participate in lectures and discussions in real time. In the asynchronous learning, students have access to the learning material at all times and can learn at their own pace since the coursework is pre-recorded.

  • Automating grading system
  • Edutech tools use AI and ML to analyse and assess answers based on various specifications. Automated grading frees up a teacher’s time, especially for objective-type questions.

  • Classroom management tools
  • Classroom management tools are intended to create a less chaotic and more collaborative environment. There are various applications that can send students and parents automated reminders for projects and homework.

    Tools that support students and teachers

    The educational software that facilitate online learning are the bedrock of this new paradigm in education. Common edutech tools include:

    How can Infosys BPM help?

    Technology will also save education institutions from any disruptive disasters in the future and will ensure continuity. Edutech has a huge potential for personalisation and scalability. One size does not fit everyone, and with Infosys BPM edutech services, all students can learn irrespective of their age or learning ability.

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