Infosys Portland was founded in 1999 by Gavin Solsky (former CEO) as a procurement technology company.

Our business model quickly evolved into a consulting services provider as the team worked on procurement transformation and cost reduction programs for some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading companies. The acquisition of Cyberlynx Procurement Services has also enabled us to provide procurement outsourcing services. Read on for more about our acquisition by Infosys BPM.

Consulting Services

Our strong focus on expertise coupled with our ability to attract and retain outstanding people has allowed us to deliver value. Over the years, we have evolved to become the supplier of choice to a number of Australia’s most successful companies.

Procurement Outsourced Services

In 2007, we acquired Cyberlynx Procurement Services. Post the acquisition; we began providing outsourced category management and category management support services, in addition to existing consulting services. As a result, this sector has grown into a substantial part of our business and provides services to a number of Australia’s leading companies and public sector organizations.

Acquisition by Infosys BPM

In January 2012, Infosys BPM acquired Portland Group, and our name was formally changed to Infosys Portland in October 2014. From a sourcing and procurement perspective, the partnership with Infosys provides clients with a highly compelling proposition that previously did not exist in Australia

The Infosys Portland relationship has transformed us into a true end-to-end procurement services organisation that offers:

  • Cost effective global delivery model
  • Technology enablement of services
  • Transactional procurement services

In addition to sourcing and procurement capabilities, Infosys has also enabled us to expand our supply chain management services, where we leverage Infosys offerings to support supply chain processes (e.g., supply chain visibility, inventory management, and logistics optimization). This enables us to provide a suite of innovative service offerings to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chains.