Supply Chain Services


Turn potential into profit with an optimised supply chain

Most organizations realize that their supply chain operation has profit potential hidden in them. But, the challenge lies in converting this potential into profit. Infosys Portland has a specialist supply chain team that is focused on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain. Our dedicated team can assist in the development and implementation of supply chain strategy, through to the ongoing management of supply chain processes.

These services improve your organisation’s performance by:

  • Improving the cost of making, holding and transporting materials to distributors or end customers through supply chain network design and performance optimisation
  • Optimising supply chain planning processes including demand, supply (materials), distribution, inventory, and sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Optimising inventory in the network to achieve the best combination of velocity, product availability, and trade working capital

Our services are broadly categorised into:

Our supply chain practice delivers shareholder value through increased sales, reduced operating costs, and improved working capital. We achieve this by focussing on opportunity identification, implementation planning and support and managed services.

In the process, we leverage a number of sophisticated tools and processes to help optimise the performance of supply chain including global manufacturing/distribution networks, fleet routing and scheduling, warehouse design, and inventory management. In short, engaging with us allows your organisation to increase and accelerate benefits delivered/sustained.

Key differentiators that set Infosys Portland apart

  • Operates across the whole scope of the supply chain function, including in-depth specialist expertise in strategy, planning, networks, warehousing, freight and inventory management
  • Provides project-based or ongoing outsourced supply chain services depending on varying needs
  • Delivers services through a global delivery model with a combination of onshore and offshore resources tailored to client requirements
  • Combines senior industry operational experience with leading-edge consulting skills
  • Provides advanced technology solutions and tools to enhance visibility and sustainability of benefits

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