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Drive business transformation through social media marketing

Modern businesses face a number of major pain points:

  • Competition is increasing from more agile players.
  • Profit margins are shrinking.
  • Customer acquisition and retention is more challenging than ever before.
  • Constant effort is needed to keep up with client expectations and rapidly evolving technologies.

Strategic decision makers are recognizing the need to leverage the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Quora to overcome these pain points.

Digital transformation has become an imperative for growth for businesses of all sizes. This applies to all industries – banking and insurance, airlines, telecom, automotive, technology, FMCG, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, or utilities. Technology disruption and seamless customer connect through social media can successfully bring about a digital business transformation that significantly reduces operational costs, enhances customer experience, and reduces turnaround time. Over a million new social media users are added every day on the mobile platform.

How social media helps your business surge ahead?

  1. Enhances your customer experience:

    Customers have grown accustomed to an immediate response from brands, be it for a query about a product or service or a complaint. Different social media channels and chat applications can be matched to specific customer management processes, across every touchpoint in the customer journey.
  2. Gives your brand a human touch:

    According to an article in TIME Magazine, social media posts focused 80% on customers and 20% on the business itself can make your brand more approachable and authentic. You may also add a few snapshots of your team and daily life in your office. You can even create content according to your buyers’ persona.
  3. Keeps your company agile:

    Social media platforms such as Twitter, if used to their full potential, can give you real-time news updates and trending topics. This can help you form an in-depth as well as a general view of how the customers perceive your brand as against your competitors. The dynamic data from social media platforms can help your company remain agile and quickly adapt to upcoming challenges.
  4. Generates potential B2B leads:

    LinkedIn is an excellent platform to initiate the first connect with your target clients. Social media can drive B2B leads, who can then convert into potential long-term clients.
  5. ‘88% of companies worldwide are using social media to market their products or services.’ - AdWeek

  6. Transforms overall business with BPM social media:

    Traditionally, social media has been just a digital marketing tool. But, it is now being leveraged by ambitious companies for their overall business transformation. According to industry insights, 90% of consumers want to interact directly with brands over social media, creating a strong demand and unlimited potential for delightful, omnipresent, and real-time customer experience.
  7. Enhances search ranking:

    Google search algorithm gives a priority to brands with a robust social media presence.
  8. Builds trust with the consumer:

    Social media has been part of people’s daily routine for over two decades; it’s almost omnipresent. Businesses without a strong bpm social media presence are perceived as either unsuccessful ventures or not worthy of consideration. Lack of social presence can lead your customer to a competitor. Strong bpm social media presence helps build trust among your potential customers.
  9. Slashes the cost of traditional marketing:

    The traditional marketing strategies can be monumentally costly, capable of quickly draining your budget. Printed pamphlets, magazines, and posters have a limited shelf life and are prone to damage or being discarded. On the other hand, a positive Facebook review is forever and is so much more effective than advertisements.

Partnering with bpm social media consulting services

Global enterprises can engage experienced consulting firms to design a viable bpm social media strategy. The consultant should bring rich experience in your industry and be able to work closely with you at every stage, from understanding your business and its pain points to defining a roadmap to enhance social presence.

Basic expectations from an ideal social media framework

  1. Creating a social media policy
  2. Developing a unique strategy for each target market
  3. Using social platforms and channels for tactical purposes
  4. Creating the roadmap according to your needs
  5. Designing an enterprise training program

As a service partner, the robust Social Media Command Centre (SMCC) of Infosys BPM with real-time operations capabilities can assist the brands in:

  1. Crisis management
  2. Investor communication
  3. Executive communication
  4. Sales and marketing
  5. Outreach
  6. Customer service
  7. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Ready to customize and deploy, it can be easily scaled across geographies and languages and helps perform regular social audits to ensure that your brand’s personality is not diluted on social media.

Social media, analytics and business intelligence

With best-in-class tools and capabilities to collect social media data across channels, top-notch digital interactive service consultants can give you actionable insights that drive strong business decisions. Going way beyond the basic monitoring and analysis of ‘re-tweets’ or ‘post likes,’ social insights enable enterprises to:

  • Execute focused one-to-one and one-to-many engagements
  • Enhance social collaboration over a variety of business functions such as customer service, marketing, and customer service
  • Maximize customer experience

Tapping the power of technology solutions

It is crucial to choose a digital strategy consulting organization that provides a complete set of social media services, including the creation of innovative and interactive dashboards that can easily integrate with your CRM system. They should also be able to offer application development for bpm social media platforms, website development, social and web analytics, SEO, and SEM services.

Your ambitious business expansion plans can get the wings through digital strategy implementation. It can help you resolve the pain points mentioned at the beginning, making you agile and pushing you ahead of your competition, while increasing profits with the same organizational resources. The digital strategy makes acquiring and retaining customers and keeping pace with their expectations a seamless process.