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Infosys BPO honored for excellence in shared services

Infosys BPO was honored at the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) 2010 North American and Australasian Shared Services Excellence Awards.

At the SSON North American awards, Infosys BPO along with McClatchy and Procter & Gamble were adjudged winners and runners-up respectively for 'Best New Outsourced Services Delivery' (under 3 years).

At the SSON Australasian awards, Infosys BPO and National Australia Bank (NAB) won for 'Best New Services Delivery', which involved human resource and payroll support services to more than 30,000 bank employees.

SSON's Shared Services Excellence Awards recognize best practices in captive and outsourced shared services. A global awards governance body and leading industry experts were part of the awards process.

Read the press releases of the SSON North American and Australasian Shared Services Excellence Awards

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