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Capitalizing on Change

Recent times have seen outsourcing come of age. This, coupled with economic forces has placed BPM buyers and providers at multiple tipping points. The following points of view elaborate on potential opportunities and challenges.

More cash, less cost: Next-generation procure-to-pay

Currently, procure-to-pay processes (P2P) have developed significantly by using lean methodologies, Six Sigma techniques, automation, and robotics. In addition, P2P operations have leveraged shared services ...


Survival of the retail store: Adapting to the new realities of a digital world

Retailing revolves around the customer – reaching, engaging, and even exciting the customer requires a convergence of the physical and digital worlds. This paper examines ...


The right partner matters - thinking beyond outsourcing

CFO needs and challenges are much more complex today. Many CFOs are turning to BPO providers to drive improvements and performance ...


The future is here - gear up for robotic process automation

The business process management industry is quietly moving towards robotic process automation (RPA), promising greater agility, improved business performance, and increased ...


Analytics: Promises, pitfalls, and the path forward

Analytics is on the rise, and data is gaining importance. Enterprises must establish a data-driven culture to seize the opportunities for better insights...


Getting the bang from the self-service buck - value from self-service

Survival of your business depends on retaining customers and ensuring they come back to you. Self-service works best when ...


Making analytics work for you: How to get started and achieve business- relevant outcomes from analytics

As analytics continues to grow and evolve, it is essential that organizations concentrate on devising an achievable plan to source data, ...


Forecasting as a Service

To drive business outcomes, use data generated from business processes as a source of business intelligence and find opportunities that are ...


Seven steps for effective enterprise-wide compliance

Many organizations fail at operationalizing compliance programs with in-house efforts because they don’t have the right people, processes, and supporting tools to manage regulations, contracts, standards, etc. The solution is ...


Process Progression Model: A holistic model to transform business process

When new markets emerge – business priorities change, competition increases, and so do challenges. Having managed large and complex processes for more than 150 clients – across global locations ...


The workplace of tomorrow – The chaotic organization or organized chaos?

Just as the old gives way to the new, so will the workplace of today evolve. Imagine a workplace built to address the needs of new-age talent. A workplace where purpose transforms into self-actualization, distance gives way to camaraderie,...


Augmentative Outsourcing: New Ways to Support Contextual Functions and Strengthen Core Capabilities

A new wind called 'augmentative outsourcing' is blowing across the industry, and it is not about staff augmentation. What it is, in fact, is skill and capability augmentation that creates...


Unlocking Transformation Opportunities through Business Process Outsourcing

Today, five shifts are essential to unlock transformation opportunities. In a smarter organization, processes are standardized, not disparate. Operating models are ones that fit the best, not...


Finding the Right Business Model: A Combination of SaaS, BPO & Licensing Tailored for You

Many insurers are today considering transformation, enabled by IT and BPO, to address the exponential pace of change. But there’s always the danger of forming structures that cannot be easily...


Delivering Transformation by Creating the Right Internal Utilities

The creation of a process utility makes perfect business sense for financial institutions. However, its success will depend on choosing the right kind of utility, taking the right approach, and managing...


Enhancing Customer Experience with the Right BPO Model

The ever-changing boundaries between technology and process, regulation and innovation, changing customer expectations and company policies, have brought forth...


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