Saving millions through the back office

Client: Staples
Industry: Retail, CPG and Logistics

Derk Visser, CFO, Staples Brazil

Cristiane Bueno, Finance Supervisor, Staples Brazil (Language: Portuguese)

One of the most challenging aspects of Staples Brazil’s business was complying with highly complex fiscal regulations that varied from state to state, down to the product level. With 15,000 different products across 27 states, compliance was a daunting task.

Derk Visser, CFO of Staples Brazil walks us through these challenges, and their decision to partner with Infosys. The partnership resulted in streamlined back office functions, higher margins and more efficient operations.

"The expectation is that Staples Brazil will grow rapidly…in that growth it is important that we create an organization that works as efficiently as possible. Part of that efficiency is the efficiency of the back office functions, for example, collections…fiscal operations. I can see a role for Infosys helping us with the development to make sure that despite the growth that we will have, we will be able to execute all our processes in those fields in an efficient way," he says.

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