"One of the best partners we have ever had is Infosys"

Client: Cisco
Industry: Manufacturing


Dan Smoot, Vice President
Customer Service and Support Operations

At Cisco, within our customer service organization, we have a saying: "Great service every time". To provide great service every time, you have to have strong partnerships, especially when you enable business process outsourcing. One of the best partners we have ever had is Infosys. Infosys aligns to Cisco culture in many different ways: Particularly financially, with the people and the talent and of course the way they have established the business from a location perspective. Through good times and bad times, Infosys and Cisco worked together to establish very strong customer service. Over the next couple of years, as we continue to grow our business and take on new locations, we look for very strong partnership with Infosys, and this continued cultural bond that continues to make this partnership something unique and special.

Mark Homan, Senior Director - Global Operations
Customer Service and Support Operations

One of the things that we really appreciate about our partners at Infosys is their ability to adapt and create new skills, to provide new customer care services for our partners, and scale that in a way that is dramatically better than what we can do ourselves. The second thing that we appreciate is their ability to operate within our entire ecosystem of providers. That enables us to bring best-in-breed facets together in a world-class complete solution. And the third thing that we really appreciate is that they can not only improve our business incrementally, but they can transform it. And so, we involved them in the design phase of our most critical strategic initiatives and seek the advice of both individual contributors as well as their executives - on how to introduce something into an operation in a way that will seamlessly scale.

Parisa Naseralavi, Director - Operations
Customer Service and Support Operations

Customer's expectations have been growing. This is actually a great opportunity for Cisco to really think about new innovative ways to deliver service excellence to our customers and Infosys has been a great partner in that solution delivery. They have brought to the table demonstrated operational results, first-contact resolution, in addition to an end-to-end expertise in the enterprise, which has been critical in delivering that service delivery of great service every time. Additionally, what's very important in our partnership is their flexibility and adaptability to different market conditions and needs. A lot of outsourced partners say that they can do this, but Infosys actually delivers and commits to that. Our business is their business and this has been a very key and instrumental decision making for us in extending our partnership with them in the future.