Analyst Corner

Infosys ranked as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Archetype Report 2018

While digital technologies can empower CFOs with meaningful real-time insights, the finance functions need to evolve with ever-changing dynamics of the marketplace. In this regard, Infosys finds mention as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Archetype Report 2018.

Namratha Dharshan, Senior Manager and Principal Analyst, ISG Provider Lens™ - “CFOs are now more inclined to form strategic partnerships with providers to reap the benefits of domain expertise, technologies and skill set. To address today’s CFO demands Infosys brings skin in the game, with deep domain knowledge and strong technological capabilities around automation with AssistEdge platform and Infosys Nia™ with embedded analytics”.

Key highlights from the report:

The report positions Infosys as a leader in 5 archetypes that represent buyer characteristics and buying requirements for IT or BPM service lines. To elucidate, these archetypes are:

  • Transactional Services Buyers: Infosys has developed proprietary solutions like Infosys Cash Application Solution (ICAS) to support faster resolution of unapplied cash and quick resolution of debit/credit notes, and the Infosys Collection and Dispute Management (ICDM) tool to optimize and monitor the collection and dispute management workflow
  • Automation Implementers: With the help of its Zero Distance approach and backed by its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform NIA™, Infosys offers deep machine learning, natural language processing, optical character recognition (OCR) technologies and smart bot capabilities. Infosys’s Assist Edge platform offers end-to-end robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to its clients.
  • Transformation–Oriented Buyers: With more than 100 tools, platforms, dashboards, strategic alliances, and RPA- and AI-led solutions, Infosys helps enable digital finance capabilities which embed cognitive computing, machine learning, and big data solutions.
  • Vertically Focused Buyers: Infosys’s public sector offerings include income tax processing services, accounting and tax support, and regulatory compliance services. It also offers risk-weighted assets accounting, liquidity reporting, Lloyds accounting and finance systems reconciliation solutions for the BFSI sector. Specialized solutions for energy include meter billing, pre-payments, and energy contract validation solutions to billing dispute management modules.
  • Holistic Buyers: Infosys has developed an integrated and end-to-end finance transformation strategy for its clients that leverages the company’s functional, technological and industry expertise and focuses on continuous innovation. It has partnered with leading finance consulting firms to develop a tax center of excellence and supports clients with SOX compliance and US GAAP reporting requirements.

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