Infosys featured in 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center – Customer Experience Services Global report in the Digital Operations and AI & Analytics Quadrants

Contact center services have evolved into customer experience services. Organizations are now taking a holistic approach toward customer services and how they are being delivered. Operating models have changed and shifted from mere full-time employee (FTE)-based models; shoring mix requirements have evolved; digital technologies have become table stakes and converting data into insights is the need of the hour. Channel proliferation and the demand for immediate responses have significantly increased during the crisis. Requirements for an omni-channel strategy and a seamless customer experience have always existed but have now increased exponentially.

Given the growing needs and changing landscape of customer service, service providers in this space are evaluated based on the different offerings they bring to the client’s table to address modern customer experience requirements. In this space, Infosys has been featured in the 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Contact Center – Customer Experience Services Global report in the Digital Operations and AI & Analytics Quadrants. This report is relevant to enterprises across all industries globally that are evaluating contact center providers, especially for leveraging their digital operations, and AI & analytics services. It lays out the current market positioning of global contact center digital operations players delivering exceptional customer experiences and how they address key enterprise challenges in the region.

Key highlights:

Infosys is positioned as a Market Challenger in the Contact Center – Customer Experience Services − Digital Operations Quadrant, with the following strengths:

  • Established global operations: Infosys provides support in over 30 languages and has a wide range of CX services, including social media services. Also, with its acquisition of Ireland-based contact center Eishtec, the company on-boarded 1,400 employees and strengthened its U.K. and Ireland footprint in addition to enhancing its social media offerings.
  • Localization remains a prime strategy: As part of scaling its operations, Infosys is continuing to drive its localization strategy. Focused on four key markets, it is looking to build onshore capabilities in the U.S., Brazil, U.K. and EMEA, and Australia.
  • Digital Pentagon as the foundation for transformation: Infosys Digital Pentagon is based on the five levers of experience, insights, innovate, accelerate and assure. The framework helps clients to be more resilient by enhancing their existing operating models, improving digital competencies and setting up a future-ready workforce.

Infosys is a Product Challenger in the Contact Center – Customer Experience Services – AI & Analytics Quadrant:

  • Infosys Cortex2 for driving enhanced CX: This AI-based modular platform addresses the critical pieces of the customer journey, drives more value, and offers an improved customer experience.
  • Delivering amplified learning through Lex: Infosys has made a critical investment to empower agents and enable customer experience transformation through its cloud-based Lex platform. With more than 20,000 learning resources, 2,600 modules and over 200 offline and online courses, the platform offer a plethora of skilling and reskilling opportunities to agents.
  • Automation and AI: Infosys leveraged its Cortex2 platform to transform customer operations for one of its telecommunication clients. To enable this, it implemented AI in the pre-hire evaluation, employed real-world scenario-based training, and used customized insights to drive value and improve customer interactions.

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