Infosys mentioned as Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance and Accounting Digital Outsourcing Services Archetype Report 2020

Infosys mentioned as Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance and Accounting Digital Outsourcing Services Archetype Report 2020

The finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) services are maturing with the rapidly increasing expectations of buyers. Also, the nature of engagements is evolving from a transactional type to a strategic function. Enterprises are moving away from the piecemeal approach and are embracing a holistic view towards outsourcing. Gaining visibility into a finance organization and making data-driven decisions are top priorities of enterprise CFOs. The F&A domain has extensively adopted the use of various technologies such as bots, automation platforms, and solutions to automate finance functions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have made inroads into finance functions and transformed traditional operating processes. Analytics is a significant value addition and brings in highly valuable insights that benefit CFOs.

In this comprehensive research done by ISG, Infosys has been mentioned as Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Finance and Accounting Digital Outsourcing Services Archetype Report 2020. The report summarizes the relative capabilities of various FAO service providers and their abilities to address the requirements of some of the typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers referred to as archetypes. Each archetype represents a unique set of business and technological needs and challenges.

Key highlights from the report:

The report recognizes Infosys as a leader in 4 archetypes that represent the buying patterns of enterprise clients:

  • Transactional service buyers: Infosys has more than 16,000 finance professionals spread almost equally across three major finance functions (P2P, O2C and R2R). It has processed more than 13 million invoices, nearly 1 million T&E claims and over $129 billion payments per year. Infosys has posted more than 398,000 number of journals per year. Infosys actively engages with FAO clients, offering them time-and-materials, FTE-based, fixed-fee, hybrid models and transaction-based pricing models.
  • Automation implementers: Infosys provides next-generation digital services with a blend of proprietary and partner solutions combined with niche capabilities such as AI, RPA, ML and blockchain. With more than 1,200 RPA consultants and developers and 142,000 design thinking trained professionals, Infosys offers an analytical methodology to support clients with the consolidation of data across functional silos, standardization, visualization and decision-making processes.
  • Transformation-oriented buyers: Infosys’ digital operation levers, namely DigiTran and Digital Command Console (DCC), combine analytics and process optimization to deliver enhanced outcomes for clients. Infosys designs transformation solutions by using a pentagon approach that takes into consideration the five dimensions of experience, insights, assure, accelerate and innovation. This holistic approach helps to create sustainable transformations that translate them into significant business outcomes for enterprises.
  • Holistic partner buyers: Infosys has established a training and development program to upskill and train its employees to handle the complex queries on finance transactions, including one of the largest tax centers of excellence. It has also built extensive benchmarks and industry best practices to benefit clients. Infosys leads its way in automation capabilities with in-house tools and an extended partnership ecosystem

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