Infosys BPM: from Legacy BPO to Digital BPM

This assessment talks about Infosys’ corporate theme ‘Navigate your Next’ and how it supports large enterprise clients in their digital journey to become ‘future-ready enterprises’ via the Infosys Digital Navigation Framework.

Following is an excerpt from the assessment:

Infosys BPM has closely aligned to Infosys group strategy around ‘Navigate your Next’ and the dimensions of its digital pentagon. Additionally, Infosys BPM capabilities outlined in this paper resonates with the recently launched Applied AI that helps enterprises adopt a comprehensive approach and roadmap to scaling enterprise-grade AI for their businesses. Initiatives at Infosys BPM around Extreme Automation, Intelligent Analytics and few of the industry first Applied AI client referenced success stories interviews have been narrated in this report.

A change in company name in 2017 from Infosys BPO to Infosys BPM was significant, the alteration of just one word (replacing Outsourcing with Management) marking a development in Infosys’ positioning in Business Process Services. It reflects both a broad market evolution in these services, a market that has moved on a long way from traditional early stage ‘lift and shift’ engagements where the principal benefit sought by clients was offshore lower-cost delivery, and a more proactive, assertive stance by Infosys BPM, for example in managing end-to-end and more complex business processes.

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