Infosys BPM positioned as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Procurement BPO and Transformation Services 2023 Report


Procurement organizations and operations have been transitioning from supply management and overseeing transactional activity to a more holistic, participatory role in businesses for years. However, post-pandemic economic realities are pushing procurement to improve at a faster pace, while enabling enterprise transition to a more integrative, digitally agile business environment. This pressure is pushing more enterprises to engage procurement BPO and digital transformation services providers. Such engagements typically enable substantial operational improvements and cost savings – as much as 30% in the first year. Over the long term, procurement can be transformed to enable sustainable, continuous improvement while providing clear strategic value to the enterprise’s ability to do business.

In this space, Infosys BPM has been positioned as a Leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ Procurement BPO and Transformation Services 2023 across all quadrants. The study assesses service providers across four key categories: BPO Services – Large Accounts, BPO Services – Midmarket, Transformation Consulting Services – Large Accounts, and Transformation Consulting Services – Midmarket.

This study looks at procurement services providers in two ways:

  • Provision of procurement BPO that enables more efficient and sustainable procurement functionality and operation.
  • Provision of services that transform existing procurement organizations and operations toward a future-ready, digitally agile status that enables substantially improved, sustainable, and quantifiable business value to the enterprise.


Infosys BPM demonstrated the following strengths across multiple quadrants.

BPO Services – Large Accounts: Infosys recognizes the growing importance of integrating procurement and SCM. Strategic acquisitions and partnerships have improved its capabilities, and it continues to invest in partner and proprietary technologies that advance data management and analytics capabilities critical to procurement improvement.

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BPO Services – Midmarket: Infosys focuses on the extension of direct sourcing and spend management that helps midmarket clients strengthen their SCM and procurement, while improving risk management – enabling better data management and UX uniformity across both disciplines. Infosys has also made several advances through acquisition to enhance its portfolio for midmarket clients: UX development and improvement, AI-enhanced contract analysis, blockchain for supply chain traceability and added life sciences market expertise.

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Transformation Consulting Services – Large Accounts: Infosys has been building wide-ranging expertise through partnerships and acquisitions to improve key capabilities. It has also improved and streamlined interaction and coordination with its diverse industry and domain consulting practices, helping deliver advanced expertise in areas such as supplier management, talent management, and risk management.

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Transformation Consulting Services – Midmarket: Infosys invests in partner and proprietary technologies that advance its data management and analytics to enable more impactful procurement transformation. These include investments in its ProcureEdge platform and Live Enterprise decision support offerings, acquisitions, and partner investments, positioning it as a leader in procurement digital transformation consulting services.

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“With excellent market vision and effective investment in itself and partners, Infosys has made tremendous strides in tackling large, complex engagements with its rapid growth of category expertise supported by its technology DNA. Market vision and continuing investment in advanced data analytics, inter-practice expertise sharing and expanding partner ecosystem capabilities position Infosys as a Leader in procurement transformation consulting services.”

- Bruce Guptill, ISG Lead Analyst

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