Infosys Profiled in the NelsonHall Advanced Analytics BPS Research

Infosys has been profiled in the NelsonHall Advanced Analytics BPS research. The profile focuses on various aspects of the Advanced Analytics BPS space embarked upon by Infosys – from the key offerings, delivery capabilities and partnerships, to the key markets served, and the strategy going forward.

Infosys BPM provides F&A analytics, sales and marketing analytics, sourcing and procurement analytics, human resource analytics, supply chain analytics, operations analytics, and risk analytics. Clients include both standalone analytics and embedded analytics services from the financial services, insurance, high tech, manufacturing, telecom, media, healthcare, retail and CPG sectors in the U.S., the U.K., Continental Europe, and Australia.

Ivan Kotzev, NelsonHall’s Principal Research Analyst, identifies that Infosys has the following major strengths in the Advanced Analytics BPS space:

  • Proprietary prebuilt analytics and AI technology such as NiA and iDSS
  • Strong footprint in supply chain, and sourcing and procurement analytics
  • Significant experience in customer experience analytics with client implementation
  • Strong accounts receivables analytics services with a portfolio of clients
  • Proprietary algorithms and visualization platform for predicting tickets SLA and sentiment analysis
  • Opportunity to cross-sell to the wider Infosys client base.

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“Infosys analytics business process services show strong domain expertise in supply chain, sourcing, and procurement with implementations across verticals and markets. The company has made significant investments in predictive models at the sub-process level, which in a time of business uncertainty and massive market shifts, address a key client need for proactive decision-making.”

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