Infosys recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Services Global 2023 study


This year has seen businesses grappling with new external factors such as high costs due to inflation, conflicts in the EU, and a possible recession in 2023, giving rise to changing customer priorities. Enterprises now seek service providers that offer beyond traditional finance and accounting (F&A) services. Providers are increasingly being seen as partners rather than just providers of service.

With these changing business and technology needs, FAO engagements have been evolving from being transactional to being more holistic. Automation and analytics have been integral to every FAO contract signed in the last few years. They have empowered CFOs with real-time insights to enable quick decision-making and help finance departments function efficiently.

In this space, Infosys has been recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Services Global 2023 study, across four key focus areas: Procure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C), Record-to-Report (R2R), and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). The study evaluated outsourcing providers on a variety of criteria, including their ability to:

  • Demonstrate a strong vision to grow the F&A practice
  • Bring in deep domain and technology expertise
  • Have a strong partner ecosystem
  • Provide vertical-specific solutions
  • Employ design thinking and alternative methodologies
  • Possess domain expertise to deal with core finance functions and lead digital implementation
  • Showcase referenceable case studies


Infosys BPM demonstrated the following strengths across multiple quadrants:

FP&A services: Infosys has a comprehensive suite of offerings in the FP&A space. It offers AI-powered smart insights and predictive and prescriptive analytics, leading to more advanced analytical services, along with providing services beyond the regular FP&A.

“Infosys leads in the FP&A domain with a wide range of services and expertise it offers for its clients.”

- Gaurang Pagdi, ISG Lead Analyst

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R2R services: Infosys has an extensive service offering in the R2R domain. It has a wide range of proprietary AI and ML-enabled R2R solutions and value-added services such as Infosys GRC practice.

“Infosys’ expertise in R2R solutions and its technological offerings make it a strong leader in the R2R domain.”

- Gaurang Pagdi, ISG Lead Analyst

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P2P services: Infosys’s comprehensive approach to innovation stands out, blending proprietary solutions with strategic partnerships. With its in-house P2P platform APOC, Infosys offers its clients a wide range of modules to meet their specific needs.

“Infosys harnesses its digital assets, innovation and transformative capabilities to help organizations build strong P2P verticals.”

- Gaurang Pagdi, ISG Lead Analyst

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O2C services: Infosys stands out as a leader with its robust in-house receivables solution platform that utilizes ML, intelligent workflows, analytics, automation, and OCR to enhance CX. It also excels in providing transformative services such as S/4HANA upgrades. Infosys’ O2C service is bolstered by its robust partner ecosystem.

“Infosys strengthens its position as a leader in the O2C market with its domain expertise, proprietary solutions and strong partnerships.”

- Gaurang Pagdi, ISG Lead Analyst

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