Infosys BPM’s $1 Bn Milestone & Future Trajectory

Infosys BPM, on its 18th birthday, achieved a major milestone of $1 Bn in annual revenues. Started in 2002 as a JV in India with Citibank, Infosys BPM today is a very different company, and has seen some significant developments over the years, and especially in the last couple of years, writes Rachael Stormonth - Executive Vice President, Research, NelsonHall.

Infosys BPM got to the end of the fiscal year achieving its $1 Bn revenue target. This has been done through a combination of market-leading organic growth and two interesting JVs set up in 2019, with Infosys BPM owning the majority stake. Infosys has an 81% stake in Hitachi Procurement Service Co., Ltd. (HIPUS) in Japan, and 75% stake in Stater, headquartered in the Netherlands. These JVs are a significant expansion of Infosys BPM, one in back-office enterprise services, the other in an industry-specific offering.

In the U.S. Infosys BPM has a longstanding insurance platform business with McCamish, and it is also providing mortgage services to clients. As well as these JVs, Infosys acquired last year a 1,400-person contact center in Northern Ireland that has clients in the Telecoms, Social Media, Healthcare, Ed-Tech and FinTech sectors.

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