Date 20th May, 2014

Time 19:00 – 02:00 BST

Event overview

The Procurement Leaders Global Awards are the most celebrated and sought-after awards in procurement, representing the best initiatives, individuals and companies across the world. They reward the collective efforts of individuals and teams and are a vindication of the hard work, innovation and dedication of those at the forefront of this dynamic global profession.


Connect with Infosys

Infosys BPO is sponsoring the 'Innovation Category Award' and are also shortlisted as contenders in the 'Best Service Providers' category.


Why attend?

Meet our sourcing and procurement experts to discuss the latest innovations in procurement. As a shortlisted contender for the Best Procurement Service Provider award, our innovative solutions and offerings will help you tackle your procurement challenges in a new light. You will have the opportunity to discuss cutting-edge procurement strategies, advanced procurement processes, and also learn how to leverage technology to drive procurement innovation.


Who should attend?

Top executives from influential and respected global companies, and leading procurement practitioners from all industry verticals – sourcing, procurement, and purchase professionals, CPOs, VPs in charge of procurement, general managers, and heads of procurement; and people responsible for making strategic procurement decisions

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