B-schools Must Prepare Graduates for Excellence in Execution

Business schools must help graduates develop behavioral skills alongside technical knowledge to ensure performance excellence in a dynamic environment. In an article published at HumanCapitalOnline.com, Raghavendra K., Vice President and Head, Human Resources, Infosys BPO, discusses the role of accurate competency assessment in enhancing returns on talent and driving superior performance.

Infosys BPO employs a three-phased system for business school hiring:

  • Branding and communication - A pre-placement exercise to match skills with the career path
  • Interview and selection - A competency-based framework evaluates candidates for enterprise-wide mobility and adaptability
  • On-the-job assessment - Tools for continuous evaluation align performance levels with the requirements of business units and functions


Sourced from Human Capital, Vol.14 No.6 and published with the permission of HR Information Services. Copyright 2010 HR Information Services. All rights reserved.

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