Infosys Poland Sp. z o. o. Celebrates a Decade of Success in Łódź

Łódź, Poland; Bangalore, India - October 10, 2017

Infosys Poland Sp. z o. o., one of the largest companies from the business services sector operating in the region, announced that it is celebrating its tenth year in the country. This Delivery Center (DC) in Poland currently employs 2,700 highly qualified professionals from 72 nationalities, offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) services in 22 languages.

The key areas of expertise that the DC has been focusing on include finance and accounting, sourcing and procurement, master data management services, big data analytics and HR operations. As a testament to the team’s success and commitment to innovation, Infosys Poland has won a number of industry awards across categories, including best employer and innovation accolades.

Over the years, the DC has partnered with several business organizations to constantly innovate and contribute towards shaping the future of the business services sector in Poland. Some of the valued partnerships include being one of the eight founding-members of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) in Poland in 2009 and launching a faculty named ‘Linguistics for Business’ in partnership with The University of Łódź to focus on the competencies of young people entering the labor market in 2012.

Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź:
“For us, Infosys was, and still is, one of the most important investors in the city. Infosys quickly became a reference and an example of good practices for others who were willing to launch their operations in Łódź.”

Jacek Levernes, President, Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL):
“Infosys was the investor whose entry to Łódź marked the city on both the Polish and European maps for business services. After 10 years, the company still remains one of the leaders of the BPO and ITO sectors in the region, and its success story is a significant example for further investors.”