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What is RSS (Or how do I subscribe to a feed)? enables you to subscribe to our web feeds to spare yourself the trouble of having to visit our site. Using a web feed allows you to see when has added new content. You can get the latest web stories, features and opinions, press releases, investor updates, and blog posts without having to visit the site every day.

A web feed is a data format used to serve frequently updated content to users. RSS (an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication) is a standard web feed format.

How can I read web feeds from

To read feeds from, you need a feed reader. A feed reader is a tool that provides a new update every time one of your subscribed feeds updates its content. There are many online feed readers - examples: Feedburner, Bloglines, Google Reader, etc. You can also download some feed readers to your desktop.

How can I add feeds to my feed reader?

You can either click the relevant links (e.g. the "add to my Yahoo!" button, if you're using My Yahoo!) or copy-paste the link into your feed reader. Sometimes, you will be able to click a button for your particular feed reader on the web page, which will take you to the appropriate subscription page. Feed aggregators like Feedburner are designed to help you easily add new feeds (in a variety of formats) to your preferred feed reader.

What does it mean to follow Infosys on Twitter?

Following Infosys on Twitter will allow you to receive our updates or “tweets”. You could receive these updates on your phone, IM, or on the web. To follow us, you will need a Twitter account. You can set your preferences for receiving updates based on device, and then set notification preferences while following the Infosys account.

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