Infosys BPM recognized as a Finalist at the Hackett Digital Awards 2020

Infosys BPM has been recognized as a Finalist at the Hackett Digital Awards 2020. The Hackett Digital Awards highlight and celebrate companies on the use of cutting edge digital solutions to solve business problems in two key areas: Analytics and Automation.

The award recognizes Infosys BPM’s efforts in extending fraud detection and analytical services, which analyzed POS data from client’s physical stores spread across the globe. The analysis was carried out using a wide array of techniques pertaining to anomaly detection, gap analysis, peer comparison etc. Infosys BPM’s solution mined data to detect new and complex fraud patterns to protect revenues against fraud. More details.

About the Award:

The Hackett Group's Digital Awards spotlight and celebrate organizations using technology to solve business problems and create value in new ways. The awards provide a forum for organizations to learn from businesses like their own that strive for excellence and competitive advantage in two key areas: automation and analytics.