'Optimas 2012 Award for Managing Change' bestowed on Infosys BPO

For achieving effective integration of its new employees from around the globe, Infosys BPO is the 2012 winner of the 'Optimas Award for Managing Change'. The award recognizes the innovative strategies that Infosys BPO implemented with a view to overcome the issues it faced during and after acquisitions and partnerships.

Infosys BPO has been growing its presence in different geographies and domains through acquisitions and partnerships, among other things. New acquisitions involve significant change-related concerns around people, processes, systems and benefits alignment, to name a few. To deal effectively with these issues, the human resources department at Infosys BPO carried out a communication campaign (post a due diligence) that helped create better understanding around liability risk, cultural differences, workforce composition, organizational effectiveness, leadership, performance management, and alignment of compensation and benefits.

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