Infosys BPO and Rio Tinto win 2012 Outsourcing Excellence Award

The Infosys BPO-Rio Tinto partnership has been awarded Outsourcing Center's Outsourcing Excellence Award for 'Best New Process / Application.’

About Outsourcing Center's Outsourcing Excellence Awards

The exclusive Outsourcing Excellence Awards are presented annually by Outsourcing Center, the premier online community specializing in thought leadership, best practices, and innovation in outsourcing.

The finalists are judged by an independent panel of industry experts who evaluate numerous worldwide outsourcing relationships and select the best among them. The winning relationships tangibly demonstrate best practices, create and sustain a competitive advantage, provide business transformation, achieve compelling value, and significantly benefit both the buyer and service provider over time.

Members of the judging panel for the 2012 Outsourcing Excellence Awards were:

  • John A. Funk, Partner, SNR Denton
  • Russ Taruscio, Retired FC&A Procurement Director, BP America
  • Linda Tuck Chapman, President, ONTALA Performance Solutions
  • Brad Furry, SVP and CIO, Zale Corporation

About the Infosys BPO – Rio Tinto Partnership The primary services that Infosys BPO provides to Rio Tinto are in finance and accounting, and sourcing and procurement. The 2012 Outsourcing Excellence Award for 'Best New Process / Application' acknowledges the strong relationship between Infosys BPO and Rio Tinto. This award also recognizes the innovative business solutions of Infosys BPO in finance and accounting – including invoice processing, service deck, and reconciliation – that supported the strategic growth initiatives of Rio Tinto.

Published with permission of Outsourcing Center

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