Infosys BPO Poland and Philips PSSC team win the Forbes and PWC Sustainability Leaders Competition

Infosys BPO Poland, as part of the Philips PSSC (Procurement Shared Services Center) team, won the Forbes & PWC Sustainability Leaders Competition. The team scooped the prize for the Hazard Fighters’ practice introduced by it in Lodz. Philips’ win is an endorsement of the work being carried out in the area of sustainability, engagement of vendors, and introduction of innovations that matter.

The PSSC team has made tremendous improvement in the management of hazardous substances in Philips products. To ensure that Philips products are safe for consumers to use, the team gathered data on chemical composition of products bought from suppliers. At the end of 2012, only 24 percent of the selected lighting risk suppliers provided declaration with an electronic databased BOMcheck even though 88 percent of the products were registered in the database. The PSSC team decided to educate 500 vendors on how to use BOMcheck effectively and encouraged them to enter their components into the database. Due to this project, 95 percent of the parts (over 30,000 parts in the scope) now have declaration for their chemical composition and 93 percent of the declarations are validated.