Infosys Poland gets ‘The TOP 10 Employers of Lodzkie Region’ Award

Infosys Poland has been recognized with the ‘Top 10 employers of the Lodz’ region award at the Autumn 2019 edition of Absolvent Job Fairs in Lodz.

The award was granted on the basis of the survey conducted amongst 5,000 student respondents in 7 polish cities during Absolvent Job Fairs in 2019. In the Lodz region, major number of votes came from University of Lodz, Lodz University of Technology, and Social Academy of Sciences. The Infosys BPM Lodz Center has been verified for employer brand recognition, financial conditions, training & development of employees, and work atmosphere and flexible working conditions. This is the second award that the team has received in a row for their contribution and position as an employer.

About the awards

The award was directed to companies having their headquarters or operating in Lodz region. The award further reinforces the company's reliability for job seekers in the region.

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