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Infosys BPM has two delivery centers in Germany – Berlin and Düsseldorf – with more than 350 employees from over 40 nationalities. Our team of talented and skilled employees takes a client-focused approach in understanding their specific needs and delivering top-notch business value. Through leadership by example, integrity, fairness, and excellence, we create an appreciative work environment, that further helps enhance stakeholder experience.

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Working at Infosys Germany

We keep striving to make every member of our Infosys Germany family feel welcome. We are proud to have a diverse, multi-cultural work environment, which is characterised by each one of our 350+ employees feeling respected, appreciated, and heard.

Industry expertise:

Automotive manufacturing, communication services, energy, high technology

Service Offerings

  • IT services L1 and L2 – software and infrastructure services
  • HR services – recruitment and payroll


  • Order management – ordering, quoting, and contract management
  • Service desk excellence through dedicated teams – quality, knowledge management, and training






  • Fun fact: Majority of our employees prefer hot chocolate over coffee.

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Recent Events

Infoscions in Germany Extend Compassion with Clothing and Shoe Donation Initiative

Infoscions in Germany Extend Compassion with Clothing and Shoe Donation Initiative

Fueled by compassion and a shared commitment to create positive change, our team in Germany recently launched a heartwarming campaign aimed at collecting warm clothes and shoes for a donation drive. The objective was to provide much-needed support to those in need.

Our team collaborated with the 'gutenachtbus' project in Düsseldorf, an initiative championed by the organization 'vision:teilen' since 2011. This project has been a beacon of hope, tirelessly working to support individuals in Düsseldorf by offering essential resources and care.

Kudos to each member for playing an integral role in this compassionate endeavor.




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