Through collaboration and team work we deliver consistent performance to our clients. Our agility, creativity and innovation are driven by an open environment encouraged at Infosys Manila DC that enables sharing of ideas. The Manila DC maintains a small-office work culture which enables a creative, collaborative and friendly environment that focuses on driving results.

Employee Engagement

Employee Relations Team and ActiCom, a pool of Manila DC volunteers work all year around to conceptualize, arrange, and implement activities that celebrate internal events and achievements. It aims to enhance a proactive work environment, simplify communication processes, and constantly support internal branding.

Work Life Balance Programs

It is our belief that work, directly or indirectly, impacts our lives. We make work fun through diverse employee-centric programs including the ‘Fun-Is-Socially Healthy’ program.

Investment in Training

"The company is the campus, the business is the curriculum, leaders shall teach."
At Infosys BPM, our employees are our greatest assets. We invest in capability and employee appreciation.


Manila Delivery Center