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  • Cisco Delivering World Class Customer Service with its Digital OneOffice Framework

    Cisco partnered with Infosys BPM for its World Class Customer Service (WCSS) project in 2015. The project aimed to design and deploy RPA solutions in order to reduce both the customer and employee effort, which in turn would transform the interaction model for customer service. A Digital OneOffice framework, helped in designing and implementing Cisco’s digital experience through creating a single office to carry out the project. Phase 1 of the project saw Cisco achieve a 40% reduction in cost as well as elimination of 3 million hours of the effort put in by the customers. With the successful implementation of WCCS, Infosys BPM has delivered significant value to Cisco and its customers through a superlative customer experience.

    Published with the permission of HfS


  • A brand new factoring strategy to plug revenue leakages

    Broadspectrum, a global infrastructure management company entered into a factoring agreement with a leading US financial institution in Australia. However, it realized that it was paying unreasonably high interest payments to the financial institution and wanted to trace the reason for the same. Infosys BPM took the initiative to analyze interest payments to the banker, and the customer payments pattern to provide insights on cost saving opportunities.


  • Making procurement reporting an easy pill to swallow

    How the Infosys proprietary automation platform Nia transformed static procurement performance reporting into a dynamic decision support and risk mitigation platform for a global pharma major, while saving GBP 60,000 annually.


  • Robotics help mining company set standards in procurement accuracy and efficiency

    A major mining company shifted a large portion of their human-intensive procurement processes onto the Infosys Robotics platform. This case study traces the approach adopted by Infosys to drive improved efficiency & effectiveness through robotic process automation (RPA), and thereby deliver operational savings and other benefits.


  • Going Lean, Going for the Gold

    A leading gold mining company embarked on a journey to transform its Source-to-Pay operations through carefully considered partnerships. Their target was to reduce costs, drive productivity improvements, and improve the overall Source-to-Pay operations. Infosys fulfilled their need for a tailored solution, a trusted partner with deep understanding of the process and the industry, and unique and innovative approaches. Read on to learn how our ‘minimal disruption, maximum value’ solution approach, early involvement, and seamless service delivery are set to deliver huge projected cost and productivity benefits for the company in the next five years.


  • The Spend Elixir

    When you are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with an annual spend of GBP13 billion, what and how you buy makes the difference between tied up cash and available funds for strategic priorities. Read on to learn how we transformed this pharmaceutical major’s procurement function, netting more than GBP50 million in savings annually.


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