Date 19th September, 2012

Time 9:30 ET

Duration 1 hour

Speakers Dr. Georg Niedermeier, Product-related Environmental Protection, OSRAM AG; Izabela Walczak, Operations Manager, Sourcing and Procurement, and Sales and Fulfillment, Infosys BPO Poland; Anand Vasudevan, Principal Consultant - Sustainability Consulting, Infosys

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Webinar Overview

Are you suitably geared up to navigate compliance regulations? Join us on September 19 to hear about existing regulatory compliance requirements and solutions aimed at optimizing the cost and effort involved in managing your suppliers' regulatory compliance journey.


Why attend?

Most businesses do want to maintain their edge in the matter of sustainability. This in mind, they want to gear up and meet compliance regulations. But the billion-dollar question most businesses are faced with is, "Do we have the processes, people and supporting tools required to achieve compliance?"

Join this webinar to understand:

  • How to navigate the challenges in the regulatory compliance journey
  • The complexities around compliance regulations and how these impact the entire supply chain
  • The supply chain and control information around what you are buying
  • How to set up regulatory compliance processes and gain robust control over supplier on-boarding processes

Who should attend?

Vice presidents (including those in charge of regulatory compliance), directors, heads of manufacturing, heads of industries (such as energy, retail, CPG and media), and heads of environmental health and safety (EHS)

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Georg Niedermeier

Dr. Georg Niedermeier is responsible for issues concerning product-related environmental protection at OSRAM AG, which includes the responsibility for responding rapidly to new developments in the global arena in the area of regulatory compliance.

Izabela Walczak

Izabela Walczak is the operations manager for sourcing and procurement as well as sales and fulfillment at Infosys BPO Poland, in which capacity she is responsible for claims services involving transactional procurement and logistics for clients in EMEA, including the REACH team.

Anand Vasudevan

Anand Vasudevan is a principal consultant with Infosys Sustainability Consulting practice, and has worked on sustainability initiatives in sectors like hi-tech manufacturing, retail and CPG, healthcare, and banking. Besides chalking enterprise sustainability strategies for large enterprises, he has worked on a number of initiatives around carbon liability quantification and offsets.

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