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Infosys Named a Winner in the HfS Blueprint Grid: Retail Customer Engagement Services Report 2018

Infosys BPM has been named a winner in the HfS Blueprint Grid: Retail Customer Engagement Services Report 2018. According to the report, Infosys is rated highly for being a ‘solid trusted partner’ with reliable delivery execution and a relationship-focused approach to client engagements. The report states that Infosys has one of the most robust portfolios across the customer-engagement value chain and adds that retail clients credit Infosys with excellence in providing accessible, relevant and actionable data.

Melissa O Brien, Research Director, Digital Front Office and Customer Engagement, Retail and Travel Strategies said, “With a broad portfolio of capabilities across the customer engagement services for retail value chain, Infosys is a trusted partner with reliable delivery excellence and the flexibility needed for fluctuations required in the retail industry. Infosys’ predictive analytics capabilities have been able to help its customers reduce churn, time to market and manufacturing costs. The relationship focused approach combined with delivery excellence makes Infosys one of the leaders in the retail customer engagement services market.”

An excerpt of the HfS Blueprint report can be accessed here.

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