Infosys BPO says clients turning to India in recession

Global companies are implementing offshore outsourcing strategies during the downturn. They are expanding their business processes delivered from offshore locations to reduce costs, improve efficiency and take advantage of the pool of global talent.

In an article in, Ritesh Idnani, Vice President and Head, Global Sales and Marketing, Infosys BPO, says, "Companies are under pressure to cut costs, and are more receptive to new ideas that can help them do it."

Ritesh adds that companies seek a turnaround from their service providers. He discusses how Infosys BPO is partnering with customers at a strategic level. "A number of the company's recent wins have been in the media and entertainment segment, for example, where the revenue model is under pressure as advertising and circulation revenues are down, and there is severe cost pressure."

Ribeiro, John, PCWORLD.COM, February 26, 2009. Copyright 1998-2009, PC World Communications, Inc.
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