Service Delivery Quality

Service Delivery Quality

Ensuring quality from start to finish

Our service delivery quality framework plays a crucial role in ensuring noise-free delivery for client processes across the operations lifecycle. Our framework provides us with the ability to deliver at speed and scale, and meet business goals. Our processes enterprise-wide are geared up to respond to challenges and opportunities as and when they arise – whether it’s disruption, competition, or change in customer expectations.

Driving excellence with our service delivery framework

Our service delivery quality framework allows us to measure process maturity and drive excellence. With each phase of the engagement lifecycle bringing in a unique set of challenges, our framework has consistently evolved to address changing business dynamics. To drive predictability in our service delivery, we have adopted a three-phase approach to execute quality at every stage.

  • Excellence in Design – Drive effectiveness during the design phase
  • Excellence in Transition – Enhance client experience during the transition and early stage of operation
  • Excellence in Delivery – Ensure stability and transform business processes

Drive effectiveness during the design phase

Solution design is a critical phase where multiple project strategies, process assessments, operating model, and contractual commitments are mutually decided. To ensure that there is a structured handover from the solution design phase to the transition phase, a detailed handover assessment is conducted by the quality team. The key objective is to assess the progress of the critical deliverables and identify risks if any so the, mitigations can be deployed. This practice has ensured a seamless transitioning experience for our clients.

Enhance client experience during the transition and early stage of operation

Transition is an important phase where elements including knowledge transfer, documentation, technology, risks and controls are studied and deployed within demanding timelines. Our quality function ensures an effective transfer with the help of tollgates established at all transition stages. This essentially means that every transition is evaluated on the output of deliverables and is provided with tollgate clearance sign-off to begin production. This practice has enabled consistency in delivery, ensuring client satisfaction.

Transforming business processes with Client-focused process maturity model

Our Process Progression Model™ (PPM - design to delivery) has been designed to accelerate engagement maturity. The model is driven in three stages – Operate, Optimize and Transform – taking client processes on a journey of progression and continuous improvement. Irrespective of the existing state of the client processes / industry / function, the model is geared to transform the process through an evolution curve of higher process maturity, measurable business outcomes, and enhanced client customer satisfaction. This is achieved by leveraging the themes of effective service delivery, proficient workforce, knowledge management, automation, risk, and compliance. The model is armed with learnings and experience from a decade-long Independent Assessment model.

Our business excellence practice periodically evaluates new standards and certifications. The practice incorporates the requirement of these standards into our quality management system (QMS) and develops frameworks / tools to simplify implementation. We have also partnered with NASSCOM for formulating the ISO - BPM specific standard that covers multiple standard requirements.

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