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We believe that organizations can only take the next leap in value from shared shares by focusing on next-generation Global Business Services (GBS). Transitioning to next level would require organizations to improve service delivery models, simplify end-to-end functions and adoption of next-generation products, strategies and services. We have partnered with leading organizations across the globe to create and transform their GBS organization.


Why us?

By creating a shared services strategy, we can help you streamline operations, reduce cost and manage growth/variability, while improving services. The quality of service delivery and expertise built in the shared services enables your organization to extract business value and release working capital.

We also empower your organization to take the next leap in value from shared services by focusing on our next-generation digital Global Business Services (GBS) in our offerings. All supported by a vision of transforming your shared services to align with your larger organizational objectives.


How we deliver this?

We provide organizations our time-tested five step approach for GBS strategy and implementation. We leverage our proprietary framework and tools built utilizing our experience of running shared services for multiple organizations across geographies, industries and functions, thereby bringing practitioner expertise combined with top-down consultative support.

We can transform your existing Shared Services set-up through our GBS offering which leverages our proprietary Operational Excellence model, Process Progression Model (PPM), and combines them with best-in-class practices.

Global Business Service Model

Global Business Service (gbs) Model

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