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Management Profiles

  • Anantha Radhakrishnan

    Anantha Radhakrishnan

    Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys BPM

  • Kapil Jain

    Kapil Jain

    Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales and Enterprise Capability, Infosys BPM

  • Anup Kapoor

    Anup Kapoor

    Senior Vice President and Global Head of Operations, Infosys BPM

  • Prem

    Prem Pereira

    Chief Financial Officer, Infosys BPM

  • Raghavendra K

    Raghavendra K

    Senior Vice President and Global Head – HRD, Infosys BPM

  • Vivek Sharma

    Vivek Sharma

    Senior Vice President, Client Services, Infosys BPM

  • Binod Choudhary

    Binod Choudhary

    Senior Vice President, Global Operations Head (Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, and Life Sciences), and Head of Americas DCs, Infosys BPM

  • Sheshadri B. C.

    Sheshadri B. C.

    Vice President and Business Head - Delivery Excellence, Infosys BPM

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