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Revolutionising human resources: The transformative impact of Generative AI

According to a recent study, 24% of organisations have already leveraged AI within their HR processes, such as recruitment, hiring, onboarding, etc. Over 60% of leaders are actively contemplating an enterprise-wide implementation of AI in human resources. These trends indicate a rising awareness about and willingness to implement AI in HR functions.

HR leaders must see the potential of AI in introducing efficiency and innovation within the process and unlocking value. The Learning and Development (L&D) function of HR can use AI to develop and impart tailored learning programs that suit the employee learning curve.

Intelligent HR leverages generative AI (GenAI) and data analytics to improve decision-making and streamline operations. This article discusses the ways GenAI transforms the HR process.

How is GenAI transforming HR?

GenAI has transformed HR to be highly effective, adding value and insights to the processes within an organisation. It does so by dramatically amplifying self-service, enhancing the hire-to-retire process, and fostering a data-driven talent ecosystem.

Increased opportunity for self-service

Although self-service HR has existed for over a decade, GenAI has introduced conversational workflows that tailor the information employees need. This boosts adoption and reduces the workload on the human HR team, letting them focus on strategic tasks. Some of the self-services employees may seek are:

  • Opportunities for training and development
  • Wellness and recreational programs
  • Search for a suitable medical service provider in the area
  • Personalised counselling
  • Raising safety concerns and seeking help

Organisations can leverage GenAI to improve the employee experience throughout their journey. For example, you can use GenAI to reduce up to 40% time in delivering answers with fewer clicks, using conversational chatbots, and faster resolution to questions.

Enhanced productivity and experience

‘Project Oxygen’ is a successful use case at Google wherein the company studied the behaviour of high-performing managers and incorporated the outcomes into their management development programs. This significantly improved employee satisfaction and performance and lowered turnover.

HR leaders can use GenAI to gather and analyse data and predict employee needs and behaviour at the workplace. Deep insights help them offer personalised and technology-driven value, enhancing employee productivity.

GenAI use cases leverage automation and data insights for 3x faster content creation and visualisation. Personalised messages through GenAI automate the onboarding process and double the engagement rate.

Personalised 24x7 HR service

HR copilots understand the employees’ and managers’ needs and help them in real time. They can also understand the employees’ annual goals and any strategic programs they need assistance with.
Managers can use this information to personalise employee experience, customise onboarding, inspire high performers, and be alerted when an employee is disengaged.

Foster a data-driven talent ecosystem

HR managers can use GenAI to get a read on their employees’ circumstances and understand their –

  • Working style
  • Learning and development requirements
  • Vacation needs
  • Upskilling and career planning.

GenAI helps connect unstructured data to create interconnected use cases to foster a skills-based talent ecosystem in the company.

Workplace safety and wellbeing

HR departments can leverage GenAI to make the workplace safer for the employees and elevate their wellbeing. Employees can receive personalised recommendations and interventions based on their work and behaviour patterns. GenAI can also help the in-house counsellor understand the employee’s needs.

Employees can benefit from personalised assistance for healthier lifestyles and lower stress levels to increase engagement and productivity at work.

Using ethical GenAI to increase productivity

GenAI capabilities transform the service model and drive the next level of productivity to boost HR productivity by up to 30%. The table below shows areas where GenAI can reduce administrative work and collectively unlock 25-30% more human time.


Activities in each category

Time spent without GenAI

Efficiency gain with GenAI

Strategy and planning

HR strategy



Workforce planning



Organisation design



Exit management




Employer branding



International placement



Admin and shared services

First-level support









Data management






Compensation and benefits

Job grading






Rewards and recognition



Learning & development

People development



Training design






Performance & career management

Performance management



Career progression






International placement



Employee engagement

Retention management






Organisation management



Change management



Employee relations

Trade unions



Work councils



Labour law issue resolution



How can Infosys BPM help?

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