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Infosys BPM offerings for life /annuity and retirement insurers

Life / annuity and retirement providers face ever-changing regulatory requirements and disclosure norms, volatile markets, and intense competition. With Infosys BPM as your partner, you can focus on reducing time to market for new products, expand globally and adopt new distribution channels.

Our life / annuity and retirement, and group insurance practice has more than 600 professionals servicing over 35 global clients. Our capabilities are bolstered by a robust and proprietary life / annuity platform (VPAS) that supports more than 13.5 million open and closed book policies.

Infosys BPM enhances your competitiveness in three ways – taking charge of your non-core activities, optimizing and transforming your processes, and providing robust platform solutions.

Our differentiators

End-to-end business process outsourcing services – for life / annuity and retirement, and group insurance markets.

BPM and platform-based solutions – for both individual and group insurance market segments.

Services across the value chain – including new business, underwriting support, contract administration, billing, collections, claims and benefit payment, distribution/partner management, actuarial services, and finance and accounting.

A suite of business and technology platforms (through subsidiary McCamish Systems) – scalable, industry-leading platforms such as:

  • Open and closed block life insurance policies (VPAS)
  • Distribution and commission management services (PMACS)
  • Retirement services (Deferral+ and VPAS Benefit Plan Administration)

Our BPM offerings

New business

Contract / policy record keeping

Billing, collections and disbursements

Customer service

Claims and benefits payment

Distribution / partner service

Investment management services

Finance and accounting

Group benefits and insurance capabilities

Platform solutions


The Infosys BPM advantage

When you engage Infosys BPM, you get a committed and collaborative partner that delivers new efficiencies through:

Deep domain expertise

Platform-based solutions such as VPAS, PMACS and VPAS Benefit Plan Administration

Customized solutions

Flexibility in service delivery through a choice of operating models:

Continuous improvement

Scalable infrastructure

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