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Infosys BPM offerings for reinsurance

The future holds both pitfalls and promise for the reinsurer. Operating in the current macroeconomic environment is more challenging than ever – owing to increase in natural catastrophic losses, intense price competition, reduced exposure amongst insurers, and stringent regulations.

Irrespective of changes to business models, reinsurers on both sides of the Atlantic need to focus on underwriting rigor and enhance relationship with brokers and insurers, in addition to focusing on advanced risk management practices. Realizing these outcomes will require a more robust operating model – driven by proven BPM solutions, and a trusted transformation partner who can deliver new efficiencies. With Infosys BPM, you get both.

We have a team of more than 50 professionals supporting global leaders in reinsurance. This experienced team operates across the US, Bermuda, and Europe and Asia Pacific regions, and is adept at providing end-to-end BPM services, catastrophic modeling support, and consulting services for reinsurance companies.

Our offerings

Infosys BPM offers business process support services across the reinsurance value chain – underwriting, contract administration, claims, and technical accounting. Our range of services also includes support for complex processes such as catastrophic modeling, cedant's portfolio benchmarking, actuarial services, statutory reporting (Yellow Book), and technical support activities.


Catastrophic modeling

Contract administration

Technical accounting

Claims management

Actuarial services

How we deliver value

We have helped reinsurers enhance productivity, design process improvements, and create transformation roadmaps.

Integrated BPM and transformation solution – to multiply value

Scalability and flexibility – to meet business requirements

Complex catastrophic modeling support

Technical support – to enhance revenues and profits

The Infosys BPM advantage

A dedicated reinsurance practice: We have more than 50dedicated professionals servicing reinsurance clients across the US, Bermuda, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

End-to-end capability: Our services span underwriting support, contract administration, technical accounting, claims support, finance and accounting (F&A), reporting, catastrophic modeling, actuarial services, and technical support.

Expertise you can trust: Our clients benefit from working with talent who are trained to support end-to-end reinsurance functions, and are experienced in industry-leading reinsurance administration platforms.

In-house point solution – Infosys Reinsurance Administration (IREAD): This integrated solution enables complete outsourcing of reinsurance contract administration services. IREAD offers a contract administration platform, intelligent process workflow, and business services on a transaction-based pricing model. With IREAD, you can reduce treaty administration cost by more than 35%, improve treaty cycle by 20 days, and generate additional revenue to the tune of 5–10% through better renewals.

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